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Our Mission

Fairy Godparents-London and Area provides assistance where there are gaps in existing supports. We value equality, community, transparency, inclusion, and independence for those we support.

Why Choose Us


FGP is a safe organization for everyone from all walks of life.


FGP supports dignity for all recipients of our services.


Every recipient of service at FGP is an individual first.

Filling the Gaps

Social support needs are different for everyone.

Client Testimonials

As a recipient of the toy drive I was so grateful to have the ability to give my kids a "big" Christmas. We have been on the lower side of low income for the last year or so. I grew up poor and knowing I was poor, I didn't want that burden on my kids and the toy drive helped alleviate that fear. They had no idea how we were struggling financially and emotionally. It was and is a beautiful program and really saved us this past year.
Anonymous Recipient
Life can be hard. For my family it has been the last 2 years. The Fairy god parents made it possible for us to have Christmas. Without their generosity there would have been nothing under the tree. The giving team made sure to find out the interests of my kids and they had lovely gifts for them.
Anonymous Recipient
I accessed PEP for a menstrual cup to help reduce the costs I was putting out monthly.
Anonymous recipient

Support Social Service Autonomy

At Fairy Godparents-London and Area, we recognize that social services are not geared to individuals but are sweeping solutions for individualistic needs. We want to be able to treat every single recipient of service at Fairy Godparents-London with respect, and allow for as much dignity and independence as possible while supporting communities.

Please consider making a donation to support our programming.