About Us​

Fairy Godparents-London was founded because most social services have a low income cut off and that figure is a reflection of the previous tax year.

When COVID layoffs happened, a lot of people did not qualify for help but needed it immediately.

The project had many branches including food, menstrual products, and toy drives.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Period Equity Project took off.

It was clear there was a need even with the other services available.

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Period Equity Project

We have pickup spots available all over the city so we are always within walking distance of someone in need. Our volunteers are each responsible for the product collection and distribution at their location; they can use their own discretion regarding product distribution. We have no standard number of products per recipient.

We recognize that with each period comes an individual and each individual’s needs are different.

The volunteers really like this structure and the recipients come back month after month. We can recognize which people are good candidates for our limited supply of reusable products.

Why Have Yet Another Social Service?

Fairy Godparents-London provides assistance where there are gaps in existing supports. We value equality, community, transparency, inclusion, and independence for those we support.

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A Title to Turn the Visitor Into a Lead

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